treadmill runnerJoin Personal Best for an exciting day of racing fun at the Embrace Swim Centre. The indoor triathlon is a great way to challenge yourself and compete with other athletes. The easy format doesn't require a bike or wind trainer, all you need to bring is swim and running gear. Compete in age group, school or relay categories. Great prizes and fun for all.  Indoors at the Embrace Swimming Centre in Brampton.

RACE DATES: Sun Jan 20th,  Sun Feb 17th, 12:00-4:00 pm 


Registration is open now!

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15min pool swim
15min indoor electronic bike
15min indoor treadmill run


The most exciting format for triathlon racing you have ever seen. Your wave of 12 swimmers start in the warm 25m pool and swim 2 per lane as far as you can cover in 15min. Swim two laps or swim 30 laps (its 100% your option to cover as little or as far as you can/want to go in 15min). You then have 5 minutes to get onto the indoor bikes. Your wave of swimmers then ride on the electronic bikes as far as you can ride in 15minutes. Like the swim, its your choice how hard to ride during the 15minutes. You then have 5 min to get into your running shoes for the 15min indoor track run. Your wave then goes as far as you can (want) to cover during the 15 mintues on an indoor 200m track.


Your will accumulate points in each of the three legs. The further your go in each leg (swim-bike-run) the
more points you will accumulate. The higher your score the higher you will rank in the overall race (age category).


You can do the race individually (most people will) or you can make a 2 or 3 person relay team up that
will participate in the indoor triathlon. 


The race is indoors at the Embrace Swimming Centre, 25 Kings Cross Drive, Brampton, ON
Maps, wave starts, and specific details will be emailed to all participants prior to the event.