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A position on the bike that works for your body is essential for comfort and can be optimized for aerobic and aerodynamic performance, as well as injury prevention. At PB we utilize motion capture video to record and analyze your bike position and to extract various body angles. With this data in hand, we utilize our experience and compare against industry norms in a combined approach to refine your position. And since optimal bike fit is about more than just angles, we spend a lot of time working with you to incorporate information about your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, flexibility and biomechanical characteristics, and of course, how you ride. When completed, you'll have a riding position that maximizes your power and comfort.Bike fitting is not only for when you purchase a new bike but also benefits a rider as we age and our body changes. So consider a fit every two to three years, whenever you change bikes, and especially if you are experiencing discomfort.

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1.5-2.0 hour session, $199

Strength and conditioning sessions can occur at one of our studios, in your home, or at your gym. Sport specific sessions can occur at the track, the pool, the field or the court. This service is available either on a one on one basis or with a small group of your friends.

Also available are training sessions for your team.Personal Training


1-on-1 personal coaching


PB Elite Coach: $75.00 - 85.00 / HR

PB Master Coach: $95.00 - $140.00 / HR

(ranges are based on location and number of sessions)

Add $45.00/HR to each of the above for each additional person

Full session fee applies to less than 24 hour notice of cancellation

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An often overlooked aspect of training is knowing how much effort is needed for certain intervals or workouts. As is often the case in all our busy lives we want to maximize our training time to be the most efficient we can. Having the right combination of easy and hard workouts is the best way to do this, however it is a lot harder to achieve the right efforts without the knowledge of your training zone. Personal Best uses a series of tests for cycling and running so we can accurately determine training zones. You can then measure your efforts and be certain you worked at an effort prescribed by the coach. We believe testing is the best way we can help you achieve your goals for each workout and inevitably your ultimate goal, whatever it may be.

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1.0 hr Session - $129 

Whether you are a pro, seasoned amateur or just starting out, the Personal Best Summer Triathlon program can help.  Join our dynamic group of triathletes and get coaching from Barrie and his team.  They have years of experience helping athletes achieve their personal best at every distance.dsc_0580

There are many structured events where you can train with other athletes with similar goals and abilities. You will be coached by some of the best in swimming, biking and running.  Come and join us today.


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Training Program Features


PB SIMULATION DAYS:   Personal Best coaches will organize and run swim-bike-run training days for novices, intermediate and advanced athletes to specifically prepare you for the season ahead.  Some of these days will be right at  Subaru Triathlong Series sites (to prepare you for the races) while others will be in Caledon at the C3 Training Site.    Workouts will go from 2 (novice) up to 8-10 hours (long-distance Ironman simulation).