• Track Workouts
    Track Workouts

    Weekly speed & skills development.

  • PB Swim Club
    PB Swim Club

    Improve your stroke, get faster and more efficient with Sean's coaching.

  • Warm Weather Camps
    Warm Weather Camps

    Ride the famous Mt. Lemmon

  • PB Sponsored Events
    PB Sponsored Events

    The Caledon Kids of Steel, Kinetico Running Festival and Furry Friends 5k

  • Strength Training
    Strength Training

    Improve your strength with world class guidance from PB

  • Open Water Swim Series
    Open Water Swim Series

    Challenging and fun open water swimming




Thanks for being interested in my daily, behind the scene stories, pictures and results around the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.   My intention, is to get a daily recap, newsletter sent from the Games each day.  The exact timing and size of the newsletter will partially depend on how many hours I am working at the CBC and how many hours are left in the day.

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