• Track Workouts
    Track Workouts

    Weekly speed & skills development.

  • PB Swim Club
    PB Swim Club

    Improve your stroke, get faster and more efficient with Sean's coaching.

  • Warm Weather Camps
    Warm Weather Camps

    Ride the famous Mt. Lemmon

  • PB Sponsored Events
    PB Sponsored Events

    The Caledon Kids of Steel, Kinetico Running Festival and Furry Friends 5k

  • Strength Training
    Strength Training

    Improve your strength with world class guidance from PB

  • Open Water Swim Series
    Open Water Swim Series

    Challenging and fun open water swimming


Nutrience_ This story is amazing. Young girl's dogs kept her warm and safe overnight when she got lost bit.ly/1SIwuYu pic.twitter.com/L4P3rVGFt8

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Barrieshepley @De6rasse Whats more stressful. Watching your Toronto sports teams in the playoffs OR standing on the starting blocks against @usainbolt

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Barrieshepley One of the biggest weekend's in Toronto sports history in years. Sat they get #1 draft pick for the Leafs & tonight the Raptors win Game 7.

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